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MVP Guitar & Amp Repair

Specializing in the repair and restoration of all types of guitars and both tube and solid-state amplifiers.  

Serving musicians in Duluth, MN and the surrounding area.

Our Services

Amplifier Repair

Tube or solid-state!  Power cutting in and out on you?  Is it making a crackling noise?  Has it been five years or more since you've changed the tubes out?  Its probably time your amp gets some TLC.

Guitar Repair

Acoustic or electric, I work on both. 

Get help with:

  • Fret-buzz

  • Sharp fret ends

  • High action

  • Body wear and damage

  • Wiring issues

  • Pick ups

  • And more...


Maybe there's a fret-buzz you've had for a long time and you want it to go away...or you have that Floyd Rose locking system that you can never get around to setting up right, and it never seems to work anyway.  I can help you out!

Man Playing Guitar
Our Services


"I have had work done on my guitars by a number of luthiers over the past 50 plus years. Mitch is by far the best I have ever come across. I've had three guitars worked on and they have never played as well as they do now. Highly recommend."

Mark Paulus

Studio G

Ready to find out more?

Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate. Just fill out the contact form below or give me a call at (218) 310-8049.

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