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My name is Michael Vincent Pitoscia; perhaps more widely known as "Mitch."  My initials are commonly used as an acronym for "Most Valuable Player," in this might be the most valuable player to me! Or perhaps someone you know in need of help with a guitar or amplifier.


I started out tinkering on the guitar in my earliest memories, playing toy guitars as a toddler.  When I was five, my mom brought home an old $25.00 used classical guitar, which I would later use the parts for a home-made slide guitar for a class in college.  I combined the parts from my first guitar, and a "guitar" my grandfather and I made in his woodshop.


I would later move to Los Angeles to play rock ‘n roll.  During the day, I worked in the woodshop for Renaissance Molding & Design.  I’d help make and deliver high-end, hand-crafted wood products for high-profile people throughout posh homes in the LA area.  At night, when I wasn’t at my own rehearsal or shows, I’d often do repair work on the guitars of my friends.


I’ve done everything else in between since my days in Hollywood…got a pilot’s license, earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from St. Scholastica, and started a family with my wife, Robin. But I still find myself compelled to have my hand in music and craftsmanship. Now I have combined these two passions and it has come together in MVP Guitar & Amp Repair!

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